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Sawing logs

To reduce the factory cost of the finished products offering on the market, the company has 2 sawmill machines for cutting wood of different thicknesses and widths depending on the contract or for the needs of its own production.

Sawing logs
Sawing logs

Drying of wooden boards

The company has a large drying chamber of 100 m3 for drying wood for its own production, as well as, external service, in case of free capacity.

For greater flexibility of the process, we also have three smaller drying chambers of 12 m3 each.

Large drying chamber
large drying chamber - inside
Smaller drying chamber
Smaller drying chambers

Planing of boards - double-sided and four-sided machines

As a stage of the production process, the planing of the boards is done on two- and four-sided machines. With free capacity, we also offer this operation as a type of external service.

Double-sided machine
Four-sided machine
Four-sided machine

Sanding of solid wood details

Sanding machine